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What a strange time we are all going through, but we want you to know that we are here for you and are taking extra special steps to ensure your experience with us is as safe and enjoyable as can be.

With that, we are taking the following precautions:

  • Keeping you updated:
    Our Facebook is constantly being updated to advise of any news/changes.

  • Socially Distanced Shopping:
    We've made some alterations to the shop to ensure a safe experience.
    Gloves will be provided should you wish to handle an item before purchase.
    A sanitation station will be placed with in the entrance of the Market, and also within out own store.

  • 1 Shopper at a time:
    Initially we will open in July with a one-to-one shopping experience.
    Store staff will be trained on responsible interaction and H&S guidance will be followed throughout.

  • Paying at the till:
    While we will not cease to accept cash payments, we encourage anyone purchasing under £45 to use contactless payment for the foreseeable. 

  • Buying online:
    We have continued our online service throughout with minimal disruption.
    All orders are packaged responsibly in a clean environment.
    Postal deliveries are contact-free as per guidelines. 

If you are unable to come into our shop, please don't hesitate to contact us where we can advise and assist as best we can.


We are beginning to trial a livestream reveal - guiding you through a product, and answering any questions directly. Please contact us for more information

From 16 July we will be back in the shop (See Facebook for opening times) and will be contactable via 01463 233805 or email us here

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